This is the first update from SCF’s Summer Project 2015 in Petoskey! It’s amazing to think that just in the first week, over thirty students and staff (both from MSU and the University of Montana) have moved to Petoskey, begun their summer jobs, and started to form godly relationships with one another. Over the next ten weeks, these students will invest time and energy in bible study, discipleship relationships, and in loving their co-workers with the gospel of Christ. On Sundays, we’re attending New Life Anglican Church, a small, gospel-loving congregation who has been incredibly hospitable and warm to us (they allow us to use their building for multiple meetings a week). The rest of the week is spent working summer jobs at Meijer or D&W (a local grocery store), in various teaching sessions covering areas like theology, and in one-on-one bible study with other students and staff. Our theme, this year, based on the book of Hebrews, is “Better,” and focuses on how Jesus is better in every way than anything this world offers us. Andrew Chesebro, the Project staff director, has been giving us our theme talks on Monday evenings.

As we kick this summer off, we would so appreciate your thanksgivings and prayers regarding this time for students:

Praise God:

  • That all the students and staff arrived safely and that they’re all employed this summer
  • For the initiative many students are taking to study the Bible with one another
  • For the hospitality and friendship of New Life church in Petoskey

Please pray:

  • That students would be growing in holiness and love for Christ, seeing him as better than everything else
  • That students would take advantage of opportunities to share the gospel with coworkers
  • That the staff would have wisdom on how best to encourage and instruct students.

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