Each year SCF does a few major events that are meant to build into each student and raise them into faithful believers of Jesus, whether it is in their classes, career, or missions work. If you have a chance, do these. They have impacted many, many before you, and they will likely impact you and many more after you. If you don’t do most other things, participate in one or two of these and we think you’ll find great benefit in having done so.

Fall Retreat

Join us in October for a weekend of good teaching and fellowship.

CO New Year's Conference

Cross is a missions conference for college students every other year.

Spring Break

Take a break. Grow, serve, and experience God.

Summer Training Project

Summer Project is an annual, 11 week trip where students live together in Petoskey MI, get jobs, and receive training on things like evangelism, how to read your Bible and get something out of it, how to manage money, and a lot more!