Being a Christian in college is tough with all the temptations that come with the new freedoms and lifestyle that the college experience provides. Getting connected to a Christian community is one of the best ways to grow in your faith and not fall away. SCF aims to provide a unique and essential opportunity for Christian students to connect, fellowship, and grow together.


Getting connected with SCF means two things: being in fellowship with other students and connecting to a local church. There are a variety of ways to get connected both to our church and to SCF. Below are some of the main things that we do at SCF to foster community and personal growth.


If you have any questions about how to further get connected, please contact one of the staff.

Big Events

In addition to our weekly meeting, SCF hosts several larger events away from campus every year. If you come to one SCF event this year, we hope it’s one of these!

Large Group

SCF’s weekly meeting is a fun time to connect with people and a chance to sing worship songs and hear biblical teaching geared towards college students.

Join us every Tuesday at 7:30 PM in 101 North Kedzie.

SCF Bible Studies

Bible studies meet weekly in each area of campus. They are considerably smaller than our large group meeting, and offer a more personal, discussion-based context to study the Bible with other students.

Get plugged into your area.


The best way to stay up to date on the latest SCF news and event information is by connecting with our Facebook group.

Stay connected!