The Mission

We exult in the reality that our only comfort in life and in death is our faithful Savior Jesus Christ, by making disciples on the campus.

“We exult” – To exult in something means to rejoice because of that something. God is joyful and life-giving.


“In the reality” – Christianity is not a man-made religion, but rather the absolute truth that defines all of life.


“That our only comfort in life and death” – There are false assurances that ultimately provide no comfort. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only lasting comfort for a person and that comfort transcends life and death.


“Is our faithful Savior Jesus Christ” – The center of Christianity is that Jesus is our Savior. By this we mean that as sinful people, we deserve to die, and yet Christ, as our substitute, died the death we deserve and mercifully gives us the credit for his perfect life.


“By making disciples on the campus” – The way in which we express our joy in Christ is by laboring in the lives of other college students for their spiritual growth. Our goal is to make disciples, not just converts, and therefore we focus on depth as well as breadth.